Professionals doing voluntary work

The people who put down their names here to provide support in the form of voluntary work all have one thing in common – they all work in the psychosocial field and have completed further training in working with people in crisis and people in situations where they feel overwhelmed. We refer to this as trauma-sensitive work. However, you don’t need to have a diagnosis to find help here. What we aim to do is work in a stabilising manner with people under stress.

The working and professional backgrounds of the professionals who have put themselves on our list are very different. You will find people here who work with children and adolescents (also with the parents in mind), some who come from advisory services for all genders, people with group experience as well as those with experience in therapy with individuals, from the area of ergotherapy or from school social work services. And the people you will find here are used to working in a very practical manner that relates to your everyday situation and they will assist you in a way that is in line with what you want. Not everything will be doable in practice. But the best way to find out how they can help you is to talk with them.

This might mean:

  • I don’t want to lose my temper so fast when I talk to my daughter
  • I can’t concentrate at all in my accommodation
  • I want to be able to sleep again at night
  • I find it really hard to gain a sense of calm and I have tummy ache all the time
  • There are images I can’t get out of my head
  • I can’t stand the stress any longer
  • I don’t know how things are going to turn out, everything is moving forward so slowly
  • I always get really sad when I see something that reminds me of back then
  • I never seem to able to keep anything in my head, what can I do?
  • I calm myself with things that are not good for me (alcohol, aggression, games, …)

The counsellors and educators you find here all have a certificate in trauma-informed pedagogy and trauma-centred specialist counselling that has been approved by an umbrella organisation. Professionals with other certificates and long-standing experience in their jobs have each been recommended by two certified colleagues, because they have other training, certificates and experience that makes them capable of doing this work.

As part of Kri-Sta, the colleagues can also take part in supervision free of charge and have the opportunity to speak regularly online with other colleagues who do voluntary work.

The colleagues provide a maximum of 10 hours of counselling free of charge, then the contact is ended. It is not permitted to continue working with one of our counsellors on a pay basis, because we want to avoid our service being abused.

The counsellors support you, if necessary, at the end of the agreed (max. 10) appointments, and they will help you to find another form of support if this is important for you, if it makes sense and is helpful.