What it’s about

We have set up this platform to offer you support. You will find qualified counsellors and educators here who have experience in assisting people in crisis. Our counsellors know that crisis means losing the ground beneath your feet, being unable to find a point of reference anymore, finding it difficult to see a future you can look forward to. They are professionals, and they know that changes on the outside are reflected in how we experience things – and that this can make your thoughts become confused, can make it difficult to concentrate, your heartbeat and breathing seem to be completely out of control, and dizziness and panic make you feel insecure. The feeling of helplessness and of lacking direction can sometimes be overwhelming, and you feel like you are unable to manage even the simplest of tasks that would usually be no problem for you – looking after the kids, managing official appointments, or just being able to relax.

Often, it’s only about getting a hold of information, and there are other places you can contact for this that deal with specific topics, and also know a lot about those topics. However, sometimes you need more than information, support in overcoming conflicts or an understanding of what is happening to you physically and mentally when everything seems to be muddled, when you can’t think clearly anymore, when you feel dizzy, or when old images and noises come into your head, making it difficult for you to sleep. In cases like this, people are often assigned to a therapist. But therapy is not always necessary, instead people need stability in the here and now, in their everyday life, in their contact with others. All they want to do is get out of the anxiety, be able to breathe again, and understand their strange symptoms. In situations like this, people need help fast without long waiting lists, and this help can sometimes also help them through the intermediate period while they wait for a place with a therapist. We now know exactly what happens in the body when it is overstressed, when people end up in crisis situations. And why now, of all times, when you have so much to do, that you feel like a total mess, sometimes have the feeling you are going crazy or that you will not be able to pick yourself up again. In this case, just hearing that things will get better again if you just take a rest isn’t enough. Understanding your feelings and the physical processes you are experiencing is often the first step towards overcoming and coping with them.

It is possible to take small steps towards change. First of all, you need information about what is happening to your body. And you need answers to your questions about how to deal with the situation. There are many small exercises that are easy to integrate into your everyday life and are very effective. Stabilisation means bringing your body and your mind together again, stopping your thoughts from spinning so much, and also stopping your heart from beating so fast. Being able to sleep again. Not being so irritable all the time.

Every path we walk along begins with a first step. You can make the best of all plans, but if you are having difficulty just getting up in the morning, then your plans are not worth anything. In a short counselling session, you can find out what the best first step for you is.

We want to help you get back on your feet and to take that first step. Walking your own pathway is something only you can do.