The structure of the Kri-Sta platform

We would like to provide you here with a transparent as possible overview of the various committees that support Kri-Sta with their work. After all, our work entails a great deal more than just providing access to a network online.

To receive start-up financing from the foundation “Stiftung Ehrenamt”, we first of all needed to have a registered association that could assume responsibility for the legal aspects and content of the platform. The “Fachverband Traumapädagogik” soon expressed their willingness to do this and they took charge of the application process. The association also backs us up in administrative and legal matters.

The advisory board consists of colleagues from the umbrella organisations and educational institutions, and the people on the board largely coincides with the Ethics Council (“Ethikrat”).

The advisory board members are:


It is the job of the Ethics Council to, …

Furthermore, the member institutes of the umbrella organisations support us in promoting and publicising the list to the graduates of their curricula.

And, of course, none of that could work if we did not have so many professional trauma-informed educators and consultants who are willing to do voluntary work for us, so that we are able to play a stabilising role for people in crisis!

Our thanks go out to you!