All counsellors on this platform have worked in the psychosocial sphere for many years and have basic training as counsellors, educators, carers or nurses, have completed degrees in social work or education, have completed various advanced qualifications and are trained in counselling or therapy procedures. They work in children’s or youth services, at health centres of various orientations, in clinics or public health departments and come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

What they all have in common is that, in addition to their training as counsellors or educators, they have undergone additional training where they have learned to deal in a trauma-sensitive manner with those undergoing crises and following severe stress situations. This additional training is also very varied, but they have one thing in common: they have been certified by one of the three umbrella associations, which we present here.

The certificates are submitted to Kri-Sta management, and this subsequently confirms to us that counsellors bring with them at least three years of professional experience and in most cases much more.

Where persons have been in the job so long that they completed their training before certificates for trauma education/trauma-centred counselling /trauma-centred psychosocial work existed, they can be included on the list based on recommendations by two certified fellow counsellors. It would be shame to miss out on the benefit of their expertise!

What we are saying here is that you’ll be in good hands!