How the list works

You will find a mask below that has several categories to choose from – including language and the sex of the counsellor, whether you want to be contacted per chat, e-mail, video, telephone or personally. You can choose between counselling for you alone, for a couple, a group, or a family. Some counsellors also offer supervision for professionals on a voluntary basis. Once you have selected the criteria, you will be provided with a list of professionals who fulfil these criteria. If it turns out that nobody is there who fulfils your criteria, then please click the word “irrelevant” more often or a language that is offered by several counsellors.

If you would like to have a personal counselling appointment, the working locations of the relevant colleagues will be displayed. We assume that most counselling sessions will take place online or on the telephone, which is why we don’t have an extra section titled “Location”.

Once you have found someone, contact them. The counsellor then chooses what form your contact will take. You can find the contact information in the respective description of the person in question.

When you contact the counsellor, you can remain anonymous or give your name – that’s entirely up to you. You can then arrange a maximum of 10 appointments, but it might also happen that the counsellor can only offer you two or three appointments. The number of sessions is decided by the counsellor but should be specified during the first appointment. In addition, you agree how you want to meet, whether there will be homework, and so on.

Any counselling above and beyond that is excluded in order to prevent abuse.

If you are unable to reach agreement with the counsellor or there are problems, please contact our Ethics Council (Ethikrat). It will contact the counsellor and, if necessary, remove them from the list. However, we cannot promise that there will be a direct exchange of information with you, because we are expecting a great deal of traffic and the Ethics Council also works on a voluntary basis.